Updates Regarding FRPA Activities and Services Affected by the COVID-19

For a list of resources for park and recreation professionals and closures around the state, click here.

FRPA understands that our members are being affected by the Coronavirus in their personal and professional lives. We wish health and wellness for our parks and recreation family across the state.

As of July 6, 2020, FRPA staff has returned to the office.

Because this is so unprecedented, remember we are all in this together. Reach out to your fellow park and rec professionals to share ideas, tips, or even if you just need to talk about what you're dealing with. If you would like to join the conversation about what other cities and counties are doing in regards to this pandemic, please log into the eConnect discussion

In an effort to not inundate you with emails, we are going to keep this web page updated with any changes to events or activities offered by FRPA. The table below lists our events and the status. You can see what date/time it was updated in the bottom left corner. 

As we prepare for each of these events, please keep in mind that we are asking you to do your part in preparing to be with a group of people. Remember to wash your hands often and use sanitizer, as it will be available for you. If you wish, bring your own gloves to these events. If you have traveled outside the country within two/three weeks before one of these events, please do not attend unless you have been cleared through a medical professional or your Department of Health. We will work with you on refunds as needed. As it's being said all over the country, if you are feeling ill in any way, or running any level of fever, please stay home. 


FRPA Annual Conference (Including Aquatics Institute)

August 29-September 3 Orlando, FL

On schedule

UPDATED: July 6, 2020 @ 9:30am