It Starts in Parks...What Is It?

How Do I Get Started

Whether you are an individual or an agency you can be involved in the It Starts in Parks program.  A large compilation of graphic materials are available for downloading from the It Starts In Parks resource page of the FRPA website. 

As an agency, you have the opportunity to instill in your community a true understanding of and value for what you make happen every day of the year.  Schedule training with your staff so they can embrace the ISIP philosophy.  Train your citizen support groups and boards so that they can assist you in spreading the word about parks and recreation.  Schedule an orientation with your city or county commission to assure they understand the returns for your community when they choose to invest in parks and recreation.

As an individual, review the resource material and decide what you are able to implement in your personal setting.

Why Become A Part of the It Starts in Parks Initiative

Which one of us has more support than we could ever need from decision makers and the public?  Which one of us has never encountered a challenge when communicating the value of what parks and recreation professionals make happen every day in their communities?  Parks and recreation programs are at a critical crossroads and the timing is perfect for us to educate and make aware members of the public who participate in, fund, and benefit from our services.

Logo Style Guide

The Style Guide will assist you in  utilizing the It Starts in Parks logo.  It is recommended that anyone wishing to utilize the logo read this document first so that you assure you comply with the guidelines established.  These guidelines will communicate a standard and consistent message.

Complimenting the It Starts in Parks logo is the tree/cursor that can be used as a "bullet point" in programs and printed material that you may create when developing training materials and presentations. This is available in a jpg
and png