Committee List

Below is a list of opportunities and for you to jump in with FRPA – some are related to the Strategic Plan and others are general committees/workgroups/task forces of the Association.  We have provided you a description of each as well as an estimate of the time commitment for each. 

Awards Committee

This committee reviews the Association awards program, reviews awards submissions, and approves awards to be presented at the Annual Conference.

Time commitment:  A preliminary meeting is held via conference call in the Fall.  The first review session is in early June (expect a 10 hour commitment to review applications), and the second review session is in early July (expect a 10 hour commitment to review applications).  The committee does not hold in-person meetings, all meetings are via conference call.

Conference Committee

The Annual Conference Committee plans and oversees the delivery of the Association’s premier educational and networking gathering for the membership.  Subcommittees include Exhibit Hall, Registration, Host and Hospitality, Fitness, Marketing, Volunteer Coordination, Speaker Check In and CEU Processing, Service Project and others that may be necessary.  For most subcommittees, we seek multiple chairs to make the workload more convenient.

Time commitment:  The Committee usually meets on-site at the conference location in the Fall (if we are repeating a conference site, this on-site meeting would be in July).  All other meetings are held via conference call.  Specific time commitment is dependent on the subcommittee, however most work is done on-site at the event.  Committee members are expected to be on-site at the conference location Saturday afternoon before conference kicks off on Monday.

Development Committee

This is a new Committee for FRPA to be formed in 2020.  The Committee will be responsible for creating a fund raising component of the Association.  This would be non-dues revenue generation plan to assure the Association’s future financial stability.

Time commitment:  Anticipate in 2020 meetings will be via conference call.

Editorial Committee

The Editorial Committee helps to prepare articles and content for the FRPA Journal and the Covering the Bases Newsletter. 

Time commitment: One meeting each quarter by phone. Possible gathering or authoring of articles.

Membership Workgroup

The Membership workgroup is a critically important group of dedicated individuals.  You will be an ambassador for all things FRPA.  Members will be familiar with all Association offerings and programs so that they are prepared to recruit new members and remind existing members of the value of their membership.  These individuals must be “sold” on FRPA and willing to talk to others about the FRPA experience.  Members are asked to attend FRPA events and activities and promote FRPA at these functions.  You are the face of FRPA as much as the Board and Staff. 

Time commitment:  All meetings are held via conference call.  Each month members will be asked to place calls to recruit new members and/or to talk to those who have not renewed memberships.  These calls are best made during the work day.  Workgroup members are also provided a list of new members in their area and asked to touch base via email to welcome the new member and establish an immediate point of contact with that individual.

Testimonial Task Force

This is a new group formed as a result of the interest at the 2019 Planning Retreat.  The group will work with FRPA Staff to create a plan for capturing member testimonials to be used for a variety of promotional activities – membership, events, etc.

Time commitment:  This is a short term task force and will convene via conference call prior to the 2019 Conference, and will then assist on-site at the 2019 Conference to coordinate video-taping of testimonials.

Training and Education Committee

This committee reviews and selects proposals for the annual conference; assists in the content selection and development of workshops delivered on a regional basis; assists with on-site logistics for the workshops; and assists in visioning for future training and development needs.

Time commitment:  The Committee meets in person in Central Florida area in the Fall for an all-day review session of conference sessions (travel and lodging covered by FRPA).  There is often a meeting of this Committee in conjunction with the Retreat (lodging and meals covered by FRPA).

Young Professionals Workgroup

This workgroup will also be formed as a result of the interest at the 2019 Planning Retreat.  We anticipate the group working in an advisory capacity to assist the Association on developing creative ideas to attract and retain our younger professionals.  This could include developing ideas for networking events, generating conference educational sessions geared at reaching the younger professional, and serving as a sounding board for new concepts to reach this all important audience.

Time commitment:  Unknown, but would anticipate perhaps a gathering at the 2019 Conference followed by meetings via conference call.

Strategic Plan Pillar Workgroups

These are workgroups (4) of the Strategic Plan, charged with the responsibility of implementing strategic plan initiatives within the health; community building; environmental resiliency and sustainability; and economic impact and development pillars.

Time commitment:  All meetings are held via conference call.  Workgroup members may be asked to attend the annual planning retreat if the strategic plan is to be reviewed (lodging and meal expenses covered by FRPA).

If you would like to be involved in any of the above, send us an email with the name of the group you'd like to help with