Committee List

Below is a list of opportunities to help lead the direction of your professional association. Some are related to the Strategic Plan and others are general committees/workgroups/task forces of the Association.  We have provided you a description of each as well as an estimate of the time commitment for each. If you would like to volunteer with one of these groups, email Eleanor with the name of the committee or workgroup and your full contact information. Of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.


Awards Committee

This committee reviews the Association awards program, reviews awards submissions, and approves awards to be presented at the Annual Conference.

Time commitment: A preliminary meeting is held via conference call in the Fall. The first review session is in early March (expect a 10 hour commitment to review applications), and the second review session is in early May (expect a 10 hour commitment to review applications). The committee holds all meetings via zoom.

2023-2024 Chair - Julie Adams, Winter Haven Parks, Recreation and Culture

2024 Conference Committee - FULL

The Annual Conference Committee plans and oversees the delivery of the Association’s premier educational and networking gathering for the membership. Subcommittees include Exhibit Hall, Registration, Host and Hospitality, Fitness, Marketing, Volunteer Coordination, Speaker Check In and Service Project and others that may be necessary. For most subcommittees, we seek multiple chairs to make the workload more convenient.

Time commitment: The Committee usually meets on-site at the conference location in the Fall (if we are repeating a conference site, this on-site meeting would be in July). All other meetings are held via conference call. Specific time commitment is dependent on the subcommittee, however most work is done on-site at the event. Committee members are expected to be on-site at the conference location Saturday afternoon before conference kicks off on Monday.

2024 Chair – Robert Mattes, Village of Pinecrest Parks and Recreation

Career Mapping Task Force

New in 2023-2024, the Career Mapping Task Force supports the goal of activating our professionals in the Association’s strategic plan. It is the responsibility of the task force to identify segments within the field where a defined and specific career path can be identified, and create resources to promote those pathways in order that professionals see future career advancement and sustainability in the field of parks and recreation.

Time commitment: This group has an aggressive work plan to accomplish in order to facilitate the transfer of their work produce to other areas within the strategic plan. This group will meet via conference call, quarterly, and may have interim assignments. Expected time is 40 hours in the coming year.

2024 Chair - Susan Lovallo, Port Orange Parks and Recreation

Collaboration Task Force

The Collaboration Task Force supports the goal of activating FRPA’s influence and credibility with external organizations. It is the responsibility of the task force to develop a process wherein allied organizations suitable for collaboration are annual identified, and a purpose for the collaboration outlined with measurable outcomes.

Time commitment: This group will meet via conference call, approximately 4 times in a year. Interim tasks may be assigned.

Editorial Committee

The Editorial Committee helps to prepare articles and content for the FRPA Journal and the Covering the Bases Newsletter. Time commitment: One meeting each quarter by phone or online conference. Possible gathering or authoring of articles.

Legislative Committee

It is the responsibility of the committee to develop resources to assist FRPA members in preparing to address legislative issues with elected officials; to annually review the legislative webpage within the Association website to insure information is relevant and current; to meet annually to discuss issues to be included on the Association’s legislative platform; to meet regularly during session to keep abreast of action needed on issues of relevance; and other duties required to facilitate appropriate representation of the Association’s legislative agenda.

Time commitment: The Committee will meet via conference call monthly or as legislative action requires. Months leading up to legislative session expected to require more time than others. 5 hours per month.

2023-2024 Chair - Fred Couceyro, Coral Gables Parks and Recreation

Membership Workgroup

The Membership workgroup is a critically important group of dedicated individuals. You will be an ambassador for all things FRPA. Members will be familiar with all Association offerings and programs. These individuals must be “sold” on FRPA and willing to talk to others about the FRPA experience. You are the face of FRPA as much as the Board and Staff.

Time commitment: All workgroup meetings are held via conference call. Time for other activities for networking, connecting and socializing will be minimal (30 minute sessions – maybe 3 in the coming year), and fully supported technologically by FRPA

2023-2024 Chair – Pattie Roberts, Port St. Lucie Parks and Recreation

 Membership Meetings and Events Task Forces

FRPA depends heavily on our valued volunteers.  Don’t have time to serve on a committee with recurring responsibilities?  Then this may be where you belong.  Ambassadors for this responsibility will be the face of FRPA at membership meetings and events.  You will assist in greeting attendees, promoting upcoming events, welcoming members from diverse backgrounds, and assisting the meeting/event host wherever needed.

Nominating Committee

FRPA’s Nominating Committee has the enormous responsibility for recruiting candidates for positions on the FRPA Board of Directors, as well as Officers of the Board of Directors. This includes identifying candidates who meet the criteria for office, have the willingness to serve, and can garner the support of the Association membership to move forward the goals of the Association.

Time commitment: All meetings are held via conference call. Approximately three-four calls will be required for this committee, each lasting an hour to ninety minutes. Time is also expected to identify members, speak to members about the requirements of office, and encourage qualified members to seek nomination.

2023-2024 Chair – Becky Gunter, Seminole Recreation

Pipeline Workgroup

The Pipeline Workgroup supports the goal of activating our professionals within the FRPA strategic plan. It is the responsibility of the workgroup to develop a plan to begin working with educational institutions to demonstrate the pipelines that feed entry into the field of parks and recreation, and to demonstrate the career maps that exist for long term careers in the field. This workgroup will work parallel to the Career Mapping Task Force when developing resources. This workgroup will work with educational institutions to define a clear path to entering the field and maintaining a professional career in our industry.

Time commitment: This group has an aggressive work plan to accomplish in order to facilitate the transfer of their work produce to other areas within the strategic plan. This group will meet via conference call, quarterly, and may have interim assignments. Expected time is 40 hours in the coming year.

2023-2024 Chair – Shannon Ryan, Plantation Parks and Recreation

Training and Education Committee

This committee has two branches.

Conference Education Sessions 
This branch reviews and selects proposals for the annual conference, taking care to select sessions that are representative of all the facets that the park and recreation profession entails. This group will also actively help recruit new speakers for the Conference.
Time commitment: This committee meets virtually to review proposals for the 2023 Conference sessions. 

State Education Meetings and Trainings
This committee works with FRPA staff in the content selection and development of workshops delivered on a regional basis and assists in visioning for future training and development needs. The hope is to have representation from North Florida, Central Florida West and East, Southwest Florida, and Southeast Florida. 
Time commitment: This group will meet together virtually at first and then break up into regionally separate meetings to plan education events. There is often a meeting of this Committee in conjunction with the Retreat (lodging and meals covered by FRPA).


Young Professionals Workgroup

This workgroup is responsible for actively recruiting young professionals to become engaged with FRPA. The group works as an advisory group to assist the Association on developing creative ideas to attract and retain our younger professionals. This could include developing ideas for networking events, generating conference educational sessions geared at reaching the younger professional, and serving as a sounding board for new concepts to reach this all important audience.

Time commitment: Meetings via conference call. Estimate three calls each lasting one hour, and follow up assignments.

2023-2024 Chair – Zaira Desiderio, Tamarac Parks and Recreation