Why Is It Important?

The It Starts in Parks initiative supports the four pillars of FRPA's mission; Health, Community Building; Economic Impact and Environmental Stewardship and Resiliency. Each pillar can be expanded to include the plethora of benefits provided by parks and recreation agencies throughout the State of Florida. The graphic materials visually depict the many ways these pillars can be utilized to communicate the value of parks and recreation.

Florida’s parks encourage healthy, active lifestyles as well as social development. Sound bodies and sound minds require physical activity and the chance to experience personal growth. Parks provide this opportunity naturally.

Parks bring communities together in a common place without the constraints of everyday life. Connecting to everything around us and each other, we learn to value our environment, our heritage and our place in the world.

Florida’s parks have become an integral component to the economic development of the state. Parks provide an investment in the infrastructure needed to accommodate revenue generating events and tourism which in turn benefit the local and state economy. Additionally, parks positively impact housing and commercial real estate.

Florida’s parks are key to connecting with our natural and historic treasures in order to preserve them. We grow in awareness of our responsibility to protect and cherish these things through stewardship and gentle use, increasing our desire to conserve what we enjoy today for future generations.