General Sessions

general session


Opening General Session Monday, August 30 | 10:30 AM

Rubber Band Resilience: How to Stretch without Snapping


Kathy Parry
Owner, Corporate Energy, LLC
You are disrupted. Your teams are stretched. Not only has the COVID19 crisis transformed the way you work, but changes from technology, regulations, and staffing/retention, are all affecting park and recreation professionals. The ability to apply a disruption-friendly mindset to transitional shifts will be necessary to serve residents, retain personnel and meet budgets. Equipping conference participants with the skill set to move through transitions while continuing to stay productive and engaged is imperative to successful organizations.

Learning Objectives
Understand the different reactions to adversity and how to use them to develop a positive outcome.
Discover the five best methods to reframe disruptions to move towards new best practices.
Learn to escalate both personal and organizational energy levels to decrease absenteeism and increase retention and productivity.


Closing General Session
Thursday, September 2 | 10:30 AM

Unstoppable Resilience - The Keys to Staying Strong During Any Crisis


Shola Richards
Founder & CEO, Go TogetherTM Global
2020 was a uniquely difficult time for leaders and staff in workplaces all over America.  A deadly pandemic barreled through the world, deep civil unrest existed within our country, parents were being asked to balance working and homeschooling their kids simultaneously, and according to recent studies, Americans are the unhappiest they have been in the past 50 years.  Needless to say, navigating all of the aforementioned challenges can have a significant impact on one’s overall resilience and mental health.  This keynote will provide highly practical strategies to build unshakable strength within yourself and your team.

Learning Objectives
Identify keys to creating a resilient mindset, regardless of the circumstances.
Understand the strategy to apply the aforementioned keys to any challenge, personally or professionally.
Develop three personalized commitments that you will use to build your resilience, and a strategy to stay accountable to those new commitments.