CEU Info

CEUs are available for classes offered during the Conference. FRPA will keep track of CEUs earned and place them on your FRPA online account. If you are an FRPA member, it is free for you to access these at any time. If you are not a member, you can request your transcript and pay a fee to receive them. Additionally, when you register for Conference, there is an option to add your transcript onto your registration. FRPA attempts to have all CEUs entered by October 1st, following the Conference. 

To receive credit for the classes you attend during Conference, you MUST follow the steps below:
  1. Sign in on the form provided by the Verification Officer in each class you attend that you wish to receive credit for. This record needs to be legible so that we know what account to place the credit under. If we cannot read your name, we will not be able to verify that you attended the class. 
  2. Complete the CEU evaluation at the end of the class and turn it in to the Verification Officer assigned to that class. Your name must be written on this form. If your name is not on the form, we cannot give you credit for the class. 
  3. It is your responsibility to get your CEUs from the FRPA website. If you have trouble doing this, you may contact the Executive Office for assistance. 

CEUs are available at the General Sessions as well. You will need to sign in before you go into the hall. The sign in lists are pre-printed with the attendees names on them. At this point, make sure you get a CEU evaluation as well. At the end of the session, you will turn this evaluation in to the Verification Officers that are at the doors when you leave.