The purpose of providing you with some messages and resources to accompany your Impact Calculator outcomes is to ensure you have the tools you need to effectively communicate your results and add even more value to the numbers presented in your final reports. Whether you have input data based on a single park, a region, or your entire park system, fashioning a message around your presentation is important. Presentations include anything that accompanies the report that you generated, whether in person or in writing.
Additionally, you will want to equip yourself with information to use in case you need to justify your outputs. If you have not already, check out the tips for making presentations or reports webpage.   

Resources are linked below. Under each heading you will find more information relative to the park and recreation profession. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Executive Office for more information. Additionally you can post ideas and questions on the FRPA Calculator eConnect Group.

2019 Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP)
The Florida Department of Environmental Protection released the SCORP plan which outlines the State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection's recreation planning. This information includes regional and local data in regards to outdoor recreation in your area. 
Regional Reports
Central East | Central | Central West
North Central | Northeast | Northwest
Southeast | Southwest
How you can use this resource:
Supplement your discussions about the importance of protecting our natural resources for tourism use.
Utilize the local data to show your area's outdoor recreation priorities, relating them to your own amenities and spaces.

2017 Florida Sports Foundation's Economic Impact of the Florida Sports Industry
The Florida Sports Foundation has a report on the Economic Impact of the Florida Sports Industry. This resource provides information related to the sports tourism industry and includes major and minor league sports, spring training, collegiate sports, tennis, the equine industry, and more. 
Additional information and resources can be found on the Florida Sports Foundation's website.
How you can use this resource:
Many agencies provide the facilities necessary to host statewide, regional, and even national sporting events. This report equips you with information on what those major sports bring to the state of Florida. Additionally, pages 10-17 offer values and information on Amateur and Leisure sports within the state. Use this information in accord with your own tourism values to express the additional ways your facility impacts tourism in Florida.

Local CVB
Make contact with your local Convention/Visitors Bureau to get localized numbers for these inputs: % of non-local visitors to the parks for recreation/events; daily dollar amount that non-visitors spend when visiting your area.

Links to Resources Used in the Calculator
How you can use these resources:
Familiarize yourself with the background information related to the Calculations within the Environment Calculator. Using this information in your reporting will allow your audience to see the validity of the data you are presenting to them.
Additionally, use the data that "speaks" to your audience the most. 
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