Individual Members


Categories for Individual Members:

Professional: Personnel employed by public or private agencies providing Recreation, Park, or Leisure Services in Florida, and persons employed as an educator of Recreation, Park, and/or Leisure Services by Florida universities and colleges.

Retired Professional: Individuals who have retired from the profession with a minimum of seven years employment experience in Recreation, Parks, and/or Leisure Services.

Student: Any full time student (12 hours or more per semester) interested in the Parks, Recreation, and/or Leisure Services profession.  Individual cannot be working (in any capacity) in the field of parks and recreation.

Associate: Individuals residing outside the State of Florida and interested in the Parks, Recreation and Leisure Services profession.

Citizen: Individuals serving on Park, Recreation, and/or Leisure Services Advisory Boards, or individuals not employed in the Parks, Recreation and Leisure Services field, but interested in or involved in the promotion of the Parks, Recreation, and/or Leisure Services profession.

Lifetime: An honorary membership given to an individual by the Awards Committee for outstanding service.

The Professional, Retired Professional and Lifetime membership categories are afforded voting privileges in the Association.


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