Fresh from Florida offers a fun campaign to use with out of school time participants

Fresh from Florida Nutrition Programs

Alliance for a Healthier Generation resources

Salud Today, a website and program dedicated to the health and well being of the Latinx population

Healthy Celebration Ideas from Alliance for a Healthier Generation

Balance What You Eat, Drink and Do by American Beverage Association

Organwise Guys Program Resources

Grow It, Try It, Like It! Nutrition Education for PreK-K

Cooking Matters in Your Community (for all ages)

NRPA Food of the Month Program

ReThink Your Drink [CDC]

Healthy Message Activity Sheets by Action for Healthy Kids

National Physical Activity Plan Alliance

IFAS Offers training in the following categories (contact Anita Neal at

Establishing, maintaining, and harvesting Community Gardens

Food safety 

Nutrition and Health for Seniors

Financial literacy for Seniors

Hurricane preparedness for residents

Healthy Heart and Mind

Healthy Initiatives by Agency

City of New Port Richey

Contact: Elaine Smith

  • Summer BreakSpot
  • Rewards program for kids that track and eat certain amounts of fresh and healthy foods.
  • Professional Athletes to talk to kids and encourage them to eat healthy and exercise.
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach is working with camp to show the kids funs ways to be active and eat healthy.

Measure Up Marion

Contact: Ire Bethea

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