Environment Pillar Status Update





FRPA will be a recognized leader of environmental stewardship, sustainability and resiliency, by establishing and cultivating partnerships with State and Federal agencies.

Contact has been made with various groups from around the state to establish relationships have resulted in educational opportunities, alignment, support and published articles for the FRPA Journal.


Provide opportunities to advance environmental stewardship, sustainability, and resiliency.

IFAS has identified a list of classes and programs that align with this pillar that are available throughout the state. Education sessions at State Conference, as well as a specified iLab presentation, have been dedicated to the Environmental pillar. An easy to read "Did You Know" flier has been created to allow agencies to use for their own advocacy that includes It Starts In Parks messaging.

Advance State and Federal legislation that supports environmental stewardship, sustainability, and resiliency.

Ongoing monitoring.

Identify and support funding opportunities to benefit environmental stewardship, sustainability and resiliency.

Best Practices identification and collection is ongoing. The items collected so far are available on the website.

Funding Opportunities 

Lead Environment: Leah Davis