Economic Impact Toolkit


This resource toolkit has been crafted to equip you and your organization with information meant to support the implementation of the Economic Impact pillar of the Strategic Plan. Your best resource is eConnect, where you can ask questions and connect with other Park and Recreation professionals who may have the answers to your questions.



Media (Videos, Graphics, Podcasts) 





Making an Economic Case for Park and Recreation Agencies-Brendan Daley

Sample Economic Impact Studies
Estimate of the Ecosystem Services of Existing Conservation Collier Lands [Collier County, FL]
Economic Benefits of Open Space, Recreation Facilities and Walkable Community Design [Active Living Research]
Local Economics [Green Cities: Good Health]
City of Tampa Urban Forest Analysis
The Economic Value of Quiet Recreation [CA National Benefits Hub]
Structure, function and value of street trees in California, USAE [Urban Forestry and Urban Greening]
Measuring the total economic value of a park system to a community [Managing Leisure]
The Active Outdoor Recreation Economy
[Outdoor Industry Foundation]
The Florida Golf Academy [Florida Golf Impact Task Force]
The Economic Value of Wildlife Viewing in Florida
[Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission]
Cost Benefit Analysis of Physical Activity Using Pedestrian and Bike Trails
[National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine] 
The Economic Benefits of the Park & Recreation System in San José, California


Articles, Studies and Reports
How Much Value Does the City of Philadelphia Receive from its Park and Recreation System? [Trust for Public Land]
How Cities Use Parks for Economic Development [American Planning Association]

The Real Value in What We Do [Fred Couceyro, FRPA Journal]
Economic Impact of the Underline [Mark Heinicke, FRPA Journal]
Outdoor Recreation Economy Report []