Community Building Pillar Status Update





Lead the connection of all Floridians to the benefits of parks and recreation through intentional design physically connecting communities and through strengthening opportunities for community engagement, community advocacy, and an overall sense of community.

List of contacts has been identified and relationships have been made with various organizations throughout the state. 

Provide opportunities to inform and influence internal and external audiences to advance community building through smart growth, and civic engagement principles.

"The Power of Parks" workshop was presented in 3 areas around the state during the 2016 year. The 2017 Agency Summit featured a Community Building focus. 2017 Conference offered many community building sessions as well as an in-depth iLab.
It Starts In Parks flier translated to Spanish and Creole to inclusion on website and for agencies to use. 
The Community Building Challenge will kickoff preceding the 2019 Conference. This will be available for individuals and agencies to be a part of.

Advocate for legislation, public policy, and partnerships that promote smart growth and civic engagement.


Adopt best practices and sustainable models to maintain leadership in community building through civic engagement and participation in the development of the public realm.

Best Practices identification and collection is ongoing. The best practice items collected so far are available on the website.

Lead Community Building: Jennifer Cirillo