Environmental Resources


This resource toolkit has been crafted to equip you and your organization with information meant to support the implementation of the Environmental Pillar of the Strategic Plan. Your best resource is eConnect, where you can ask questions and connect with other Park and Recreation professionals who may have the answers to your questions.

Funding Opportunities for Environmental Projects

Contacts for Continuing Education

Fliers for Outreach


Media (Videos, Graphics, Podcasts, Books) 

Flight of the Butterflies

Living on Earth (Public Radio International; Current environmental issues)



FRPA Webinars

Webinar: Sports Field Management & Maintenance for Sustainability (2012)

Webinar: Designing Sustainable Splash Pads (2012)

Webinar: How to Operate a Successful GreenMarket (2012)

Ideas and Contacts for Environmental and Advocacy Programs

IFAS County Extension Services 
Funding Opportunities (Excel Spreadsheet)
Example Partnership Programs between Counties and IFAS

IFAS List by County

IFAS Offers training in the following categories (contact Anita Neal at
Master Naturalist Program
Water conservation in park landscapes
Green Industry Best Management Practices (GIBMPs)
Restricted Use Pesticide License trainings: General Standards (Core), Aquatic, Natural Areas Weed management, Ornamental and Turf
Equipment safety training
Pest management in buildings
Turfgrass: fertilizing, diagnosing common insect and disease problems, calibrating spreaders and sprayers Landscape     Maintenance: fertilizing, diagnosing common insect and disease problems, irrigation calibration
Maintaining sports turf
Landscape codes
Florida Grades and Standards for Nursery Plants
Tree canopy initiatives
Urban forests
Pond and lake management
Street and parks tree care 
Hurricane Preparedness for parks (pruning)
Composting and mulching
Pollination of plants in parks
Right Plant/Right Place/Florida Friendly Landscapes
Ocean Conservancy Coastal Clean Up
NRPA's Parks for Monarchs Program
The Buzz on Native Bees [US Geological Survey]
Local Florida Beekeeper Associations
Urban Forests [American Forests]
The Florida Conservation Coalition
Athens-Clarke County, GA Community Trees BP (example document)
Example Orlando Tree Tour