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2021 House Bills


Updated 5/7/2021



SB 1730 by Senator Stewart

HB 779 by Representative Altman

Revising requirements for the use of land for conservation purposes to be exempt from ad valorem taxation; authorizing conservation easement agreements to include provisions that allow recreational activities; deleting a provision requiring that activities authorized under a conservation easement agreement be a current or historic use of the land placed under easement, etc

Status of SB 1730 - Died in Environment and Natural Resources

Status of HB 779 - Bill has not cleared any assigned committees, will not progress in the final week of session.



SB 956 by Senator Baxley

HB 1141 by Representative Truenow, Hunschofsky

Providing that an athletic coach and an independent sanctioning authority are deemed to satisfy certain background screening requirements if the coach and the independent sanctioning authority are in compliance with national industry background check standards required by specified organizations, etc.

Status of SB 956 - Died in Children, Families and Elder Affairs

Status of HB 1141 - Bill has not cleared any assigned committees, will not progress in the final week of session.


    SB 518 by Senator Diaz

    HB 433 by Representatives Andrade and Grieco
    HB 1049 by Representative Giallombardo
    SB 44 by Senator Wright

    Expanding the authorized uses of drones by a state agency or political subdivision to include the assessment of damage due to natural disasters, etc.

    Status of SB 518 - Died in Returning Messages

    Status of HB 433 - Laid on Table

    Status of HB 1049 - Laid on Table

    Status of HB 44
    • Ordered engrossed then enrolled



    SB 1022 by Senator Book

    Requiring the Department of Children and Families to include in licensure standards for child care facilities a minimum percentage of children enrolled in a facility who must have received immunizations, etc.

    Status of SB 1022 - Died in Health Policy



    SB 920 by Senate Environmental and Natural Resources and Bradley

    HB 287 by Representative Shoaf

    Expanding the applicability of the limitation of liability for persons who provide areas to the public for outdoor recreational purposes without charge, etc.

    Status of SB 920

    • Signed by the Governor Chapter No. 2021-56

    Status of HB 287 - Laid on Table



    SB 596 by Senators  Stewart, Cruz

    SB 1396 by Senator Gruters

    HB 6023 by Representative Eskamani

    HB 1167 by Representative Snyder

    Repealing a provision relating to tree pruning, trimming, or removal on residential property, etc.

    Status of SB 596 - Died in Community Affairs

    Status of SB 1396 - Died in Community Affairs

    Status of HB 6023 - Bill has not cleared any assigned committees, will not progress in the final week of session.

    Status of HB 1167 - Bill has not cleared any assigned committees, will not progress in the final week of session.



    SB 1076 by Senator Brodeur

    HB 53 by Government Operations Subcommittee and Representative DiCeglie

    Revising a prohibition relating to any solicitation for construction services paid for with state or locally appropriated funds, or any combination thereof; revising the definition of the term “public works project”; prohibiting the state or any political subdivision that contracts for a public works project from taking specified action against certain persons that are engaged in a public works project or have submitted a bid for such a project, etc.

    Status of SB 1076

    • Laid on Table, refer to CS/CS/CS/HB 53

    Status of HB 53
    • Filed
    • Referred to Government Operations Subcommittee; Public Integrity and Elections Committee; State Affairs Committee
    • Favorable with CS by Government Operations Subcommittee
    • Favorable with CS by Public Integrity and Elections Committee
    • Laid on table
    • CS Filed
    • 1st Reading (CS 2)
    • Favorable with CS by State Affairs Committee
    • Referred to House Calendar
    • Added to Special Order Calendar 4/22/21
    • Amendments filed
    • Read 2nd time
    • Amendments adopted
    • Placed on 3rd Reading
    • Added to 3rd reading calendar
    • Read 3rd time, CS Passed as Amended
    • Sent to Senate in Messages
    • SENATE - Amendment filed by Senator Brodeur
    • SENATE - Placed on Calendar on 2nd reading
    • SENATE - Substitute for CS/CS/CS/SB 1076
    • SENATE - Read 2nd time
    • SENATE - Amendment adopted
    • SENATE - Amendment failed
    • SENATE - Placed on 3rd Reading
    • SENATE - Read 3rd time
    • SENATE - CS Passed
    • SENATE - Sent to House in Messages
    • HOUSE - Added to Senate message list
    • HOUSE - Concurred with Amendment 427668
    • HOUSE - CS passed as amended
    • HOUSE - Ordered engrossed, then enrolled
    • HOUSE - Message sent to the Senate



    SB 1096 by Senator Book

    HB 307 by Representatives Trabulsy, Grieco, Tant

    Providing applicability of certain requirements to summer day camps and summer 24-hour camps; providing an exception; requiring such camps to meet specified minimum requirements relating to health, sanitation, and safety and specified child care personnel screening requirements; providing that failure of a camp to comply with such requirements results in the loss of the camp’s ability to operate; authorizing the Department of Children and Families or local licensing agency to perform specified enforcement actions, etc.

    Status of SB 1096 - Died in Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Human Services

    Status of HB 307 - Bill has not cleared any assigned committees, most likely will not progress in the final week of session.



    SB 334 by Senators Gruters, Hutson, Perry and Harrell

    HB 239 by Representative Altman, Goff-Marcil and Tant

    Regulation of Smoking in Public Places; Revising a short title; authorizing counties and municipalities to further restrict smoking within the boundaries of public beaches and public parks under certain circumstances; prohibiting smoking within the boundaries of a state park, etc.

    Status of SB 334 - Died in Rules

    Status of HB 239 - Bill has not cleared any assigned committees, will not progress in the final week of session.