Legacy Program

Legacy Program


You can be a part of the future of the Florida Recreation and Park Association Foundation, Inc. by making a bequest to the Foundation. The future of our profession relies on a strong foundation.

The Florida Recreation and Park Association Foundation, Inc. offers you a unique philanthropic opportunity to give to others in your chosen profession through scholarships, research, grants and continued advocacy. Your gift will also allow for continued grant funding for initiatives and programs that you have cared about for so many years.

Ways to Give

Bequests: Give Through a Will

Name the Florida Recreation and Park Association Foundation, Inc. in your will or living trust, by a codicil to your existing will or an amendment to your trust document. Your attorney can assist you.

Gift of Life Insurance

You can name the Florida Recreation and Park Association Foundation, Inc. on your whole or universal life insurance policy or you can turn in the policies to the Foundation for the cash value of the policy at time of transfer and receive a tax deduction.

Non-Cash Gifts

You can make a donation to the Foundation of non-cash gifts, such as stocks and real estate, that have appreciated substantially. This would give you the benefit of not realizing any capital gains and possibly the benefit of tax deduction.

Charitable Trusts

You can discuss with your attorney the advantages of establishing a gift to the Foundation through a charitable trust. If you select a charitable remainder annuity trust or unitrust you are entitled to receive income for the remainder of your life. You are also entitled to a charitable gift deduction in the year that it is established. You can establish a charitable lead trust with the Foundation receiving the income annually during your lifetime or for a specified length of time. Upon your death or the end of a specified time period, the remainder of the trust may go to a family member or friend.