Economic Impact Pillar Status Update





Engage and align FRPA with local, regional and statewide economic development organizations and agencies to develop a partnership for a statewide economic impact study.

The FRPA Foundation helped to fund the implementation of an online tool so that agencies and park professionals can input data to determine their local impact on home values, safety, jobs, tourism, the environment, and healthcare costs.


Provide learning opportunities to inform and influence internal and external audiences about the economic impact of parks.

Measuring Our Impact Workshop was offered around the state in 2017. The FRPA Impact Calculator will further equip professionals with the information needed to help tell their story in their community. 

Promote the economic impact message to elected officials and partner organizations.

See above. Additionally, workshops will be held throughout the state following the roll-out of the Calculator at Conference. in 2019.


Adopt best practices and sustainable and expanded funding models that recognize economic impact.

Best Practices identification and collection is ongoing. The best practice items collected so far are available on the website. Sample Economic Impact studies are available in the Toolkit.

Lead Economic Impact: Bryan Nipe