Best Practices


FRPA is in search of Best Practices in each of the four pillar areas, which can serve as a resource for parks and recreation professionals. The goal of collecting these Best Practices under each Pillar is to provide members with basic and practical information on how to accomplish common management tasks in Florida's Recreation and Park Departments. 
Over the course of the next year, we will be collecting Best Practices from you in each of these areas. Each week you will receive an email asking for your input in a specific area. We would appreciate you either sending us this information yourself, or sending this email along to the person responsible for the particular area.
We realize that there may be a plethora of “success stories” that are not evidence based, but have produced positive results for an agency, and may also have value as a shared resource. We would love to collect this information as well.  
The Best Practices will be collected via a form, in Word format, that we ask that you fill in with your Best Practice in the category that is referenced on the form. Please fill as many forma out as you need. The form outlines what we are looking for but we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have while collecting this information.
Email your questions here or call 850-878-3221. 
We truly appreciate your time on this project. While it is a large undertaking and will require some time on your part, the outcome will be a comprehensive listing of Best Practices that professionals can use throughout the state.

Week 1: Environment: Community Trees
Week 2: Community Building: Assessing Community Needs and Resources
Week 3: Health: Built Environment
Week 4: Economic Impact: Partnerships
                Week 5: Environment: Exotic Species     
                Week 6: Community Building: Engaging Stakeholders 
                Week 7: Health: Creating a Healthy Atmosphere     
                Week 8: Economic Impact:  Marketing    
                Week 9: Environment: Water Projects
                Week 10: Community Building: Cultural/Socioeconomic Factors 
                Week 11: Health: Staff Training: Physical Activity
                Week 12: Economic Impact: Social Media
                Week 13: Environment: Water Conservation
                Week 14: Community Building: Outreach
                Week 15: Health: Partnerships
                Week 16: Economic Impact: Vendors