It Starts in Parks Resources

American Planning Association Briefing Papers
The American Planning Association has published a number of briefing papers that document the value of parks and recreation to cities and counties.  These
papers are formatted to provide basic information and key concepts, along with examples of cities and counties implementing those concepts.
Arts and Culture
     Climate Change
     Community Engagement
     Community Revitalization
     Create Safe Neighborhoods
     Economic Development
     Green Infrastructure
     Help Children Learn
     Improve Public Health
     Promote Tourism
     Smart Growth

The Importance of Play in Promoting Healthy Child Development and Maintaining Strong Parent-Child Bond: Focus on Children in Poverty
This report addresses issues that may deprive children who live in poverty from gaining the maximum benefit from play. Because it follows an earlier report that focused on factors reducing free playtime for children whose families have resources, this report addresses issues specific to children from lower-income families.

Why America Needs More Parks
A report by Paul M. Sherer prepared for The Trust for Public Land, documents the benefits of parks and open space to local communities and to individuals.

Additional Sources of Information

Be sure to look at the resources where we have gleaned helpful information for our It Starts In Parks initiative.  We hope you will visit these and read more about the great things parks and recreation bring to a community. Add this information to your library of Fast Facts.