Becky Gunter, CPRP
Recreation Director, City of Seminole
Becky Gunter has served the City of Seminole Recreation Director for the past 7 years as the Recreation Director. Prior to coming to the City, she was with the City of Palm Coast Recreation Department as a Recreation Superintendent, and prior to that the City of Greenacres. Becky is a Certified Parks & Recreation Professional and served on a FRPA Conference Committee as well as an Abrahams Academy coach for three years. Becky also serves on the FRPA Foundation Board and instructs the Emerging Leaders.

Becky’s career in recreation started in Campus Recreation for the University of West Florida and University of North Texas where she earned a Master’s of Science in Recreation Administration. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, hiking, the beach and the occasional run.  Becky has a goal of visiting all the National Parks and hiking rim to rim of the Grand Canyon.

Why do you want to serve FRPA as Vice President?
Simple- You. I think serving, as the FRPA Vice President will give me the opportunity to help the Association to continue to move forward and provide what we the members need. I love that FRPA has given me the opportunity to meet and build a network of like-minded professionals across the state. By serving, I am hoping I can have your ideas come to fruition.

What tools/resources do you utilize to stay on the cutting edge in the Parks, Recreation and Leisure profession, and where would you look to gain insight into what lies ahead as far as challenges and changes in the next five years?
I like to read articles in the FRPA Journal, NRPA Magazine and googling Recreation Treads. I also look to University Recreation as I have found often treads will start there and make their way to municipal recreation.

What do you believe to be the greatest opportunity for revenue growth at the Association?
This is a tough one to answer as an association we should be looking at multiple ways to grow revenue and not just in the traditional way. Growing revenue is also not just about increasing the money coming in but also looking at money going out. 

One of the greatest challenges facing FRPA is the delivery of innovative and applicable professional development opportunities.  What approach would you employ towards identifying potential training opportunities and how would you determine their overall effectiveness in meeting the needs of the membership?  What strategy would you utilize for the development and implementation of these development opportunities? 
We need to utilize more technology in our trainings. Departments are still struggling to get budgets increased in trainings/conferences. In addition, some departments are small that they physically could not attend, as it would should down their departments. I think utilizing technology to broadcast trainings would be a great addition. Maybe form small focus groups in each region to see what the needs are for that region. If we see a trend that is statewide, then have a statewide training and repeat again at conference. Starting with focus groups at each region with staff from front line to mid-level (or even tap into Emerging/Abrahams to host) to start talking about needs of their staff. This will get them invested and start to see the value of the membership beyond conference.