Florida Together

The most recent Florida Together Project was a baseball equipment drive for some little leagues in the Panama City area. We are happy to report that several individual members and commercial members donated items, both new and used, to this drive. FRPA delivered a van full of items on March 13 to Hiland Park, Callaway Youth Baseball and Southport Baseball. Thank you to all that donated to this important cause, allowing kids to have equipment as they go into their baseball season and hopefully providing some normalcy during this time. 

As professionals, park and recreation workers are generally a helpful team. We seek out opportunities to show our care for one another through service. During our recovery time from Hurricane Michael, FRPA would like to continue to connect agencies and individuals with the things they need to rebuild their communities and lives.

Thank you to these agencies that have committed to helping: Miami Recreation and Parks, Port St. Lucie Parks and Recreation, Tamarac Parks and Recreation, Naples Community Services, Seminole Recreation Department and St. Cloud Parks and Recreation. 

How you can help
  • Adopt a department/facility/park in need: get connected with an agency in need of any kind of help
  • Make a monetary donation: Cash donation which will be distributed based upon need. Donations will be accepted by the FRPA Foundation and distributed to those in need.
  • Donate your time: commit to traveling to and helping an agency with clean up/re-building efforts
  • Donate your skills: help an agency redesign a park or space; provide post-disaster counseling; help train staff
  • Sponsor a #FloridaTogether opportunity for an impacted agency: provide a staff meal, a unique snack break or some other encouraging and helpful act
  • Donate new equipment, supplies and facility or playground items

How to request help
  • Register as an adoptee
  • Request funds
  • Request help rebuilding
  • Share your needs and we will see if we can connect you with the help needed