General Sessions

Opening Session


Monday, 8:30 AM- 10:30 AM
Opening General Session: 
Building, Re-energizing, and Revitalizing Your Community 

Majora Carter, Majora Carter Group 

Crime, poverty, joblessness, loss of creative workforce…all can be linked to the degradation of our community environment.  Our speaker will share her experience as a community activist and advocate.  Majora will demonstrate that through passionate commitment, we can seed growth in our communities and re-energize our citizens, the result of which is a revitalized community dedicated to future growth.

Carter believes in environmental justice: no community should be saddled with more environmental burdens and less environmental benefits that any other.  Majora believes that race and class can be extremely reliable indicators of where one might find the good stuff, like parks and trees; and the bad stuff like power plants, cell towers and waste facilities…well, we know where those things can be found.  Economic degradation begets social degradation.

Parks and recreation professionals have the opportunity to turn those trends around and revitalize our community as we re-energize our citizen’s commitment.  This folds directly into the FRPA strategic initiatives on Community Building.  Attend this session, hear the story, and understand the role you play in building your community.

About Majora Carter

Majora Carter is a leading urban revitalization strategy consultant, real estate developer, and Peabody Award winning broadcaster.  She is responsible for the creation & implementation of numerous green-infrastructure projects, policies, and job training & placement systems.  

At Sustainable South Bronx, Carter deployed MIT’s first ever Mobile Fab-Lab fabrication laboratory) to the South Bronx - where it served as an early iteration of the “Maker-Spaces” found elsewhere today.  The project drew residents and visitors together for guided and creative collaborations.  

After establishing Sustainable South Bronx and Green For All (among other organizations) to carry on that work, she opened a private consulting firm to help spread the message and success of social enterprise and economic development in low-status communities - which was named Best for the World by B-Corp in 2014.    

Majora is a graduate of the Bronx High School of Science, and an Advisory Board member of the Bronx Academy of Software Engineering High School.  Her long list of awards and honorary degrees include accolades from groups as diverse as Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, John Podesta’s Center for American Progress, Goldman Sachs, as well as a MacArthur “genius” Fellowship.  She is a ‘Silicon Alley 100’, one of Goldman-Sachs ‘100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs’, and her 2006 TEDtalk was one of 6 to launch that groundbreaking site.  Majora is a Board Member of the Andrew Goodman Foundation.  


Closing Session


Thursday, 10:30 AM- 12:00 PM
Closing General Session: 
Attitude Changes Everything

Sam Glenn, Sam Glenn, Inc.

Don’t leave conference without attending this last session, guaranteed to send you off in an extraordinary way.  Sam Glenn’s empowering, entertaining and captivating way will recharge your attitude batteries, rekindle enthusiasm and ignite a new level of personal and professional positivity! It is what we like to call a positive kick in the attitude!

Every day we pick the attitude we will go at life with. Sam often refers to this as picking the driver of your bus. Which attitude do you want driving your bus for your life and your organization?   The bus being our skills, education, experience and objectives. If the wrong attitude is driving our bus, we will not achieve our full potential or give our best.  This is why it is vital to have attitude awareness – to understand that the attitude we choose every day is either leading us closer to our desired success or further away from it.

Our attitude is a lot like a battery and sometimes it loses its positive charge. Sam not only puts that positive spark into everyone’s attitude but shows how to maintain that positive spark in the midst of adversity and the things that drain us. Sam discusses how we make attitude a choice everyday and that our attitude is either in the way or making a way and we determine which every day.

More than just having a positive attitude, Sam discusses ways to put the right attitude into action and how doing so will achieve the best results. While we cannot control what goes on around us, we can control our perceptions, responses and actions, which ultimately form our attitude. In this side-splitting humorous program Sam shares his seven attitude lessons that will transform your organization.

About Sam Glenn

With Sam Glenn, “It’s all about attitude and it all starts with attitude!”  Sam went from working nights as a janitor – negative, depressed and sleeping on the floor – to discovering renewed purpose, happiness and humor. Sam Glenn has been named Speaker of the Year on several occasions by meeting and event organizations and won two national awards for his training videos. Hundreds of organizations use Sam’s videos monthly to kick off their staff meetings (  For the past 20 years, Sam Glenn has been traveling the country full time speaking to audiences from every industry and some crowds as large as 75,000 people. In addition, Sam is a gifted artist and author of 18 books.  Sam and his wife and two girls currently reside in Carmel, Indiana, but are originally from Minnesota. Sam has a popular online newsletter – A Kick in the Attitude, which he gives away a large one of his large paintings every month to one of his subscribers. Sign up for a chance to win his artwork at